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A place where people from all over the world can sit at one table




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Genuine food which believe to promote and sustain good health


It is important for us to give those who have
any food restrictions, religion, thoughts and
allergies, a great customer’s satisfaction.

『40 different types of vegetables from Chiba prefecture』

the recipe of our vegetables is made with good use of each individual ingredients

『Squid Bolognese』

The superb taste of squid with Tomato sauce pasta

『Duck with Green Onion』

Roasted duck marinated in Saumur liquid with chamomile aroma served with the fragrance of Fukaya negi (green onions)

restrictions-free food for all the customers


The wood-grain interior generates a friendly and cozy space.
You can immerse yourself in a forest-like scenery and enjoy your moment.
“inside the forest to heal your mind and meet your soul”.

Asakusa is the most popular tourist destination to visit while you are in Japan.
It takes about 30 seconds from Kaminarimon gate by feet.
We provide you a perfect spot to rest during your travelling and everyday life.

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Open Space


We deliver new ingredients which are beneficial
for your physical and mental wellness.
Please enjoy your time.

A light-filled space inside the Cafe’ where you can sit back and relax

【Open Space】
There are seats available on both the 1st and 2nd floor. The design of the building displays a wide window where the sunlight filters and allows you to recharge. In addition, the wood-grain furniture enables yourself to relax and feel comfortable while eating healthy food and drinking our beverages. Tables and seats can easily be moved, so if you are in a large group and looking for a place where to enjoy your meal altogether, do not worry about it! We have plenty of space for you.

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